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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Season of Huge Growth

Last weekend, we had a fantastic evening with a couple hundred PCC'ers and talked about the up-and-coming things that are happening in our church. Here are a few highlights:
  • Latest Trends. PCC is in a major growth right now. (see graphs below)
Just for kicks, if we only grew 20% from January to January going forward (less than our historical rate above), we'll have 2,200 people every week at PCC in 36 months!

This naturally leads to a question: What are we going to do? We're almost completely out of space at the Powhatan Campus - especially for the 11:15 service. We have to have some room to grow. More ideas will take shape, but for now, here are a few things we're doing:

1) Saturday evening service. We're going to launch this in March and do it on an experimental basis. When we surveyed PCC folks a few months ago, there was a notable percentage who indicated they would switch to Saturday evenings if given the chance. If you are one of those folks, this is your chance. It will be the exact same service as Sunday morning. If folks come, and if they - and you - invite your friends - we expect to see God work as powerfully in that service as he does on Sunday mornings. If it doesn't seem to be a good fit for our purpose and our mission, we'll go back to the drawing board. However, we believe this is a great opportunity to for you to invite those you know who aren't interested in or able to attend a Sunday morning church service. Maybe Saturday night would be a great fit for them!

2) The Green Room. We have worked hard to get the big room on the main hall ready. This coming Sunday, the Green room will be equipped with great sound and great live feed. It will be ready for approx. 80 people. Check it out...I'll be in that room during our worship time this week!

3) Westchester. We ARE a multi-campus church, and Westchester has plenty of great parking and great comfortable seating. Our music there is exceptionally good, and you'll get the same message from the same pastor on the big screen. Plus, this weekend is donut Sunday at Westchester and you'll be in for a special treat on the stage.

4) Come Early. The 9:30 service has some empty seats left. If none of the other options appeal to you, consider coming at 9:30.

  • Staff Changes. It's important that we begin to think and act our size. Large and rapidly growing churches like PCC have constantly changing staff makeups. We need to get used to this. We've had some staff departures, additions, and some restructuring. More is on the way. Here are some highlights:
  • Chauncey Starkey. As the Campus Pastor in Powhatan, Chauncey is doing an increasing amount of pastor-type work. This is what we need him to do. We are taking the finances (especially the outflows) off of his plate. He will oversee facility maintenance as well as logistics, in addition to pastoral care.
  • Dennis Green. The final few special projects for our building are almost complete, and Dennis will focus on growing our Westchester Campus, staff management and financial oversight.
  • Lindsay Harris will be the Communications Director, in addition to her role as Worship Leader at Westchester.
  • Connections Team. We are really excited that Katherine Ramsey is building a new team that will focus on helping people connect into service and small groups at PCC. Sammy Frame showed us how information will flow so that people can make meaningful connections at PCC.
  • Communications. Lindsay introduced our new Texting platform, which we will roll out the entire church on February 13. She is also working on a comprehensive communications strategy that will streamline communications and make them more effective.
  • Building issues. Dennis shared a few of the new and exciting things with our building. We now have screens in the atrium, a workday is being planned, and there is a plan in the works to possibly pave our parking lot!
This is a cliff-notes version of our time at the CORE, but there is a LOT happening at PCC! I'm glad I'm a part of what God is doing!

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