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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More thoughts on STUD

from Dennis Green...

More thoughts on how to cherish your woman and become her “stud”…continued from the message at PCC this morning…

Fellas, it’s a long held point of contention for many of us…ladies, just tell us what you want and we’ll do it, but please don’t expect us to read your minds. Right?

This sounds like a pretty simple and very fair request, but I have come to learn and understand that is not that simple for more lovely among us. Ask your lady what it means to be cherished and she may not be able to give you specific examples, she just knows it when she feels it. Wow, that is helpful isn’t it?

I think I can help. What it boils down to is that feeling cherished is really a combination of all of her basic needs. Our ladies need to feel secure with us…emotionally secure, physically secure, financially secure and spiritually secure.

Our ladies need to be able to trust us... emotionally, with our fidelity, to tell them the truth and to always have their best interests at the core of what we do.

Add trust and security and you fast approach that feeling of her feeling cherished. That’s the great example Jacob set for us in the story from Genesis 29 we studied this morning.

Below are 10 practical tips that might help get you moving in the right direction. I strongly believe that if you can consistently do half of these, your “studliness” will improve greatly in the eyes of your lady.

From -
10 Things Wives Want to Hear from their Husbands

1. “Thanks for all you do for our family.” Yes, you work hard. You might even feel that your load is a million times heavier than your wife’s. But your wife works hard, too…and a little thanks goes a long way.

2. “You are a great mom and wife.” If you really want to make her day, go beyond saying “thank you” and praise her for doing a good job.

3. “Let me do that for you.” Your wife realizes you are exhausted when you get home from work. She probably is too. So offer to help out. Start with something small like cleaning up after dinner. Or, if you really want to score points, do the laundry or something else you normally don’t do.

4. “I love you so much.” Did you notice the extra words, after the “I love you?” Telling your wife you love her is a great start, but telling her why you love her, how much you love her, or that you’ll love her forever, will melt her heart.

5. “You are beautiful.” No matter her age, her size or how long you’ve been married, a woman loves to hear that you think she’s attractive. And, don’t just say, “You look nice.” Instead, use adjectives like, great, lovely, fantastic.

6. “Let me watch the kids.” If you already watch your children regularly, good job! If you don’t, think of it this way. When you offer to take care of the children, your wife gets to recharge her batteries. A wife with a recharged battery is usually more patient, kind and loving.

7. “Let’s go out tonight.” Take charge of your next date night. This shows your wife that you enjoy spending time with her.

8. “I’m sorry you had a hard/frustrating/disappointing day.” These words let your wife know that you are aware of what’s going on in her life.

9. “I would marry you all over again.” In one sentence you’re telling your wife you value your life together and that you’re committed to her.

10. “How can I be a better husband to you?” Hearing these words will either make your wife burst into tears, smile like a kid in a candy store, or, if she’s completely shocked, laugh uncontrollably. Before you ask this question, though, be ready to hear what she has to say without being defensive.

Guys, if you want to learn more or take this further, our staff can help.
Brian Hughes –
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Or, call the church office at 598-1174

I am looking forward to hearing your stories!



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