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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, August 10, 2009

Where I was yesterday

Every summer, I take a couple of weeks and speak at some other churches. I think it's good for PCC for me to be away, but it's also good for me. It strengthens my skills as a communicator, and helps me to better understand how to engage an audience. Sometimes when we only relate to the 'known', we slip into bad or ineffective habits but don't realize it. So, getting in front of different crowds every long now and again is very helpful to me.

Just so you know, when this summer is over, I will have been away for a total of 5 Sundays, which is one more than normal. Susan's grandmother passed away last month, so I was out of town for the funeral.

Yesterday, I spoke at Amelia Community Church. It hadn't been on my calendar for all that long. But when Tommy Adams (ACC's lead pastor) called a few weeks ago and I realized that we were doing Summit Sunday on that day, I accepted the invitation.

I really enjoyed being there with those folks. ACC is trying to reach unchurched people in Amelia and is starting to see real success towards that goal. I am so glad to count PCC as a partner church for them, as we have been supporting them financially for a couple of years. I was on the team that helped to hire Tommy and I've been quite impressed with his work there.

Next Sunday I'll be speaking at Coastal Community Church in Virginia Beach. They are a sizable multi-site church and their pastor (Hank Brooks) is one of my closest friends. Susan Hughes (my wife and our Children's Pastor) will be speaking for me at PCC.

I am looking forward to my return to the PCC stage on August 23.

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