Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exciting Changes are Coming...

As you may have heard by now, we are changing the way we do small groups at PCC. While our church has a high tolerance for change, we never change something simply for the sake of change itself. We change to be more relevant, to adjust to the needs of our community and to achieve excellence.

This new Small Group paradigm is different, but it will be much more effective. The Small Group Leadership Team has researched, prayed, argued and debated, and then settled on what they believe God is calling us to do. I believe it to.

So, come with us on our next big adventure!

Below, is what I wrote that will go into the new small group catalog, which you will soon see on a Sunday morning. Consider it a 'preview' copy!

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm about connecting people at PCC in real church - because small groups are where real church happens.

Brian’s Catalog Introduction

At PCC, we recognize that not everyone is at the same place in their spiritual journey. Some are still investigating the claims of Jesus and the Bible and trying to decide if they will follow Him. Others are ready to impact our community and the world and make a difference through serving. There are Christ followers who feel a calling to invest in a concentrated spiritual development or Bible study. Finally, there are some who long to be involved in a community where they can build friendships, have a base of support, and enjoy the company of others who are on the faith journey, too.

Regardless of where you are and what you need right now, we have a group for you! This new small group paradigm promises to meet your needs where you are. Because everyone is busy, folks have often felt that they had to choose between being in a small group and serving. But our new, semester-based system allows you to serve for a semester in an impact group then study intensely for a semester in an invest group and then learn together in a community through an involve group – all in the same year and without overloading your calendar.

The Small Group Leadership Team spent months unpacking and learning about this new way of doing small groups. They took their time and did it right. They gained the support of the staff and steering team, and I am completely sold out on it! I think this new system is the answer our church has needed. Make no mistake about it: The small group is where real church happens! If you haven’t been a part of small group life at PCC, there is no greater moment than right now.

So take some time today and sign up for the inaugural semester. Yes, we’ll tweak and make adjustments over the next few months and we look forward to your feedback. Still, there is no question in my mind this change will result in great improvement for the folks of our church. I look forward to hearing about how small groups have affected you!

Brian C. Hughes
Senior Pastor

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