Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today begins a New Era...

There is a ritual we practice where we stand on the threshold and straddle two different years at the same time. The "Dec 31 - Jan 1" world-wide shut down gives us but 48 hours to turn a full 360 degrees. When we're finished with this annual game of re-view and re-dream, we're off - full speed ahead for another 12 months.

At least for the rest of this day, I - for one - am still in it. Still looking back, still contemplating ahead, not yet moving forward. For me, it seems entirely appropriate to begin 2011 by seeking God out. But because a New Era brings with it new possibilities, I'd like to write my prayer today. I hope you don't mind.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of your presence on every one of the 365 days we've finished. True to your Word, you never left us, and most days...we knew it.

Thank you for the forgiveness you granted for a thousand sins, a million missed opportunities. Thank you for never giving up on us...on me.

Thank you that today we can start over - that the possibilities in front of us are endless, uncontaminated, and exciting. Thank you that we can count on you for the next 12 months, as we have seen you faithful in the last.

Today, I pray for:

- the families of those who will lose someone they love in 2011
- the soldiers who will lose time at home on our behalf
- the ones who will first learn of a terminal diagnosis
- the marriages that will dissolve and the turmoil it will leave behind
- those who will lose jobs, become sick, lose a home...

- perseverance to see every challenge as an opportunity to grow and be better
- the daily reminder that someone is always watching
- the people who don't know Jesus Christ, and the chance to introduce them
- the discernment to see where you are working, and the courage to join you in that work
- the skill to lead well
- the willingness to make sacrifices for Your work
- more mature widsom
- greater devotion to You
- the health of my family - physically, emotionally, spiritually
- reinvigorated vision, many days of fun, and Kingdom sized results PCC

It would be great, Lord, if my normal list of dreams came true, too. I'd like to finish 2011 weighing less and able to lift more, owing less and able to give more, stressing less and able to smile more. But above all of the resolutions that come and go, this one plea I have: I'd like to end this next year knowing that I've listened to You clearly, obeyed courageously, led boldly, and lived dangerously. I want the gates of hell itself to shake with fear, that me and many others are following You completely in the coming year!

Make that prayer a reality for me in 2011, Lord. And thank You for the chance to see a New Era dawn, and dream of the possibilities to boldly live in it.



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i JOIN WITH YOU IN THIS PRAYER BRIAN and I Pray....thanking God for you, The staff abd our PCC family as Jeannie walk through this valley we are in. We know God has a plan, and hving you all behind us helps to replce the fear we feel, with the love and joy of God's family.