Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Birthday Thoughts

Today, I turned 40. I didn't feel different. Birthdays seem to mean less as we get older.

But some birthdays are milestones, and I think 40 is one of them. Even typing the number looks funny. I'm 40. Forty. Wow. Maybe I do feel different. I guess it is a special birthday.

Thanks to all of you who sent me well wishes, encouraging notes, emails, messages, oreos, krispy kremes and lots of cards today. I felt really loved and it was humbling to have so many folks express their care for me. Some shared a story or two of how they feel I've impacted their life in some way. There is nothing special about me, and I'm honestly amazed that God uses me to help anybody. As I look back on my day, those stories and notes, and the presence of some good friends today brings tears to my eyes. I feel so blessed.

Struggles abound in our lives. We all have them. Challenges come to everyone. We face them head-on. But there are moments when we must take stock of the blessings, too. This is one of those moments for me. And I realize again today, after hearing from so many friends, that I really am blessed.

Thank you for reminding me of that. Today was a GREAT day in my life.

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