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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Focus of a Church

One thing about PCC is that we're a church who knows why we exist. At PCC101 last Sunday, I heard several people say that one thing that they noticed was our sense of purpose.

However, I DO get some flack occasionally by well meaning folks who say we're too narrow in our focus. They say we don't look at important ministries equally. To that point, I confess. They're right. At PCC, there is one thing that's at the top of the list, and we consider it more important not because of it's inherent value, but because God called us to do this above all else:

The Mission of PCC is to reach those who've been untouched or unaffected by traditional churches and guide them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Yes, efforts to help the homeless are important. Yes, we should feed the poor. Yes, we need to care about people all over the world. Yes, we should build bridges with other churches, support freedom, be a voice for fair wages in developing countries, champion environmental responsibility...yes, yes, yes. And we do these things. We spend lots of energy and money in missions and other areas of helping people.

But at PCC, the last thing to go would be this cause: We Reach People Who Wouldn't Go To Other Churches. It IS why we exist. It IS our primary calling.

What made me think about this today was an article I read that you might find interesting. Especially if you are a pastor or leader in a church that's been around for a while, you know that over time we tend to accumulate more and more ministries. They might all be good, but if we're not careful, they can also dilute the unique focus God wants for each church. If you have 90 seconds, you might want to read this article about Why Your Organization is Struggling.

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Danny Buetow said...

It is your primary calling and you do it very well. I am living proof. Thank you, for a job well done!