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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dancing in the Mindfields

Yesterday, we got to see one of the best music video's I've ever experienced. It is one of the best songs about marriages that go the distance, and its message is moving and inspiring.

I first saw this video and heard the song at the same time. On September 11, 2010, Beth Stoddard sent an email to Susan and me. In the message line it said, "Do you trust me?" Beth doesn't dramatize things in emails like this, so I knew this was important. Here's the email:

"Sometime today, grab one of your laptops.

Sit down together, side by side.

Hold hands. THIS PART IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Hold each others' hands.

Make sure the volume is up so you can hear clearly - and turn off anything else that will compete with this sound.

Click here -

I love you both. I watched this and cried. This is my prayer for both of you today.

By the way, this is the "Silence of God" guy...."

As I said yesterday, it was incredibly moving for us. It came at a moment when we were struggling to find some sense of balance. We were both working at an insane pace with an insane schedule. It was really starting to bother me. I knew something had to change.

One of the things we did was begin to entrust our struggle with some very good friends. Not many. It's complicated, you know, when you are the pastor and his wife, who also happens to be on the staff. But we gathered around us some trusted friends and others who could support us and help guide us back to health.

I'm so grateful to Andrew Peterson for writing this song (which came after a fight with his wife, by the way). And I'm grateful for good friends like Beth who helped us along the way. Hope this video helps you, too.

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Beth said...

I love you both. I still watch it and cry.

And I still pray for you.