Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a Great Day

Today was just one of those days at PCC when nothing seemed to be going right or as planned.
  • We were missing a key.
  • We were missing some equipment.
  • We were missing some people.
  • We were missing a tablecloth for one of the Communion tables.
  • I was missing my gloves to protect my hands while playing the congas.
  • I forgot to take my allergy medicine before I left home.
  • I stayed out uncharacteristically late last night.
  • My transmission in my van slipped all the way into the High School.
There's more, but you get the picture.

But it turned out to be such a great day! Why? Because God showed up. He did it personally, of course. But He also did it through the voice and presence of some people who knew just what we needed. Let me highlight a few of them.

The production team - a small group of leaders - gathers every Sunday morning at 7:50 to go through the service. This meeting usually lasts about 3 minutes. After 10 minutes and a lot of frustration this morning, Beth - sensing the tension - just stopped us in our tracks and said, "Let's just pray." It was the spiritual leadership we needed, and in that moment I was so focused on the problem that I forgot about the Problem Solver. Way to Go, Beth!

And then there was Regina. I was sitting in the auditorium, as I normally do on Sunday mornings in the pre-service. And Regina came and sat next to me and spoke these words: "It's going to be an awesome service today." I frankly thought she was being polite and trying to encourage me in advance of the impending disaster. But she added, "Because the enemy wouldn't work this hard to derail us if we weren't onto something great and really important." Wow! Again, it was just the word that was needed at just the right time.

Others kept their heads on and were cool throughout the morning...Denise. Jamie. Tiller. Pino. Dee. George. Brian G. Angie.

I tell you all of this for a couple of reasons. One, because I always want to be transparent. I don't always have it together (maybe not usually). The unbelievable team we have makes me better than I am. They make our services great and are constantly aware of when we need to take a time-out and pray.

Secondly, Sundays don't just happen. They come together because a LOT of people invest a LOT of time, energy, effort, and talent. If you have been watching from the sidelines for a while, maybe it's time to step up and step in. We could use your help. More importantly, you can make a difference by giving your time and yourself.

Enough for now. Thanks to all who made lemonade out of bunches of lemons today. Your commitment really did make a difference.


Anonymous said...

All I do is show up! You do so much more! I gotta tell you that seeing the supper table served, was soooo awesome with my husband coming! Great job! Regina is right! It was wonderfully God! You all did a great job too! :)

Beth said...

Great post - we do what we do because it's what we do. Period. We have an awesome team.

Them weren't no lemons, dude. Those were little distractions, minor issues, bullets from the enemy...and God made something sweet for us all.

I never doubted this would be an amazing service - because it was so obvious that God was planning it...thanks for listening to Him.

It was a good day!

Anonymous said...


I am so grateful to you and Beth for the way you lead us and allow yourselves to be led by the spirit.

Our service yesterday was so meaningful and having communion to me is following the leading of Jesus. When we take time to remember him we allow him the opportunity to remind us of where he has brought us from and what he has done for us. It makes me realize how much he loves me and right now I need to know that more than ever.

One of the highlights of my life is haveing the opportunity to minister with you guys at PCC and the awesome team that God has assembled there!