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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Friday, November 6, 2009

Some GREAT news about our building.

Well, I can finally deliver some fantastic news concerning our building: The dispute with our former builder is behind us. For good.

We have negotiated for months, hoping for some way out of the stalemate. It wasn't without cost, but we had to weigh that against the cost of battling out the dispute for an undetermined amount of time into the future. The bottom line is that we really needed to put the dispute behind us. It was no longer a matter of us being right. It was clearly hurting the church in many ways to remain in the stalemate.

Ultimately, I had to come to terms with God's role and my role as a leader (and leadership in general). Specifically, I deeply wanted to see justice done. But I had to realize that justice is God's domain. My responsibility was to do what was in the best interest of the Church and our Mission. Continuing the dispute was hurting us.

But it's over now! And we are free to move ahead. There are no liens, no claims, no baggage.

What everyone wants to know now is: How long? When will we move in? Well, we should complete construction some time in early February. We will need some help and will have to do some of the final work ourselves (painting, planting shrubs, etc.). So keep your ears open for those opportunities.

And...we are going to need some money at the end in order to finish construction. I'll have more to say about that soon, but just to put a bug in your ear about it. If you haven't seriously given to the Reach Campaign or contributed to the building fund, now is the time.

Thank you for praying for PCC during this ordeal. I can't tell you how good it feels to have it behind us.

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Connie K. said...

Thank you God for bringing us through this. Your hand has always been on us and this process. Your ways are not our ways and Your lessons through the trials are never wasted.

Thank you Brian, Dennis and Chauncey for your unwavering service and for putting up with the stress of all this. Your leadership is such a tremendous blessing.

Thanks you Steering Team for your patient, listening ears and wise counsel.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked on all the various aspects of this project. Thank you to the folks who have donated,and will donate both time and money to make this building our home.

Thank you to all the funders and subcontractors who have stood in the gap.

It is wonderful to have the end in sight!