Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Regaining My Focus

A friend of mine called me on Monday at my office.  I was in the middle of a meeting, followed by another, then another, so I didn't get to call him back until the evening.  "The fish are biting, the weather is good, and I wanted to see if you wanted to go with me sometime soon.  I know you're busy."  He had no idea.  Swamped. Overwhelmed.  Underwater.

Which is why I said 'yes' after thanking him for the invitation.  I told my 10 year old Joshua that I'd be getting him early from school on Tuesday and taking him with me for a little father-son time.  Honestly, I haven't been fishing in months.  My boat is suffering from neglect.  I took the invitation as the voice of God, insisting I take a break.

The experience was...heavenly.  On a stretch of the river where Fluvana is off the north bank and Buckingham off the south, it is as primitive as it gets.  I imagine it looked much the same when Native Americans were the dominant society as it does today.  Stunningly beautiful.  Crystal clear water.  You'd cast your lure and watch the smallmouth bass chase it down until he latched on and then came up fully out of the water in a majestic display of ancient hunting.

For me, there is no better place to clear my mind than on the water.  There is just something about it - about the peace of it - that allows you to set aside the distractions and the tangential issues so you can focus on THE thing at hand - THE decision, THE problem, THE challenge, THE scripture.

Just a few hours with a friend and Joshua was what I needed.  I came home with clarity. I knew what was needed.  I initiated important conversations and started taking the action I needed to take.

Perhaps the river doesn't do it for you.  But something does.  You need to find it.  Rediscover focus.  Engage with God.

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