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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reflections after a long day...

I'm sitting in my office.  It's been a really long day.  I'm exhausted.  And I look back and think...What a day.  What a GREAT day.

It's not great in an exuberant or crazy exciting kind of way, but more in a quiet, thankful, powerful-under-the-surface kind of way.  I'm processing.  And I want to share a few ways I'm thankful today (thankful on every side :-)

I got to drive to Westchester today.  Haven't done that since early September.  I get energized and filled up by being there in person.  It creates a little anxiety for our production team at both campuses, but it's a wrinkle that's good to do every now and then.  WC had a full house (at least that's what it felt like), they had a PILE of kids, too.  It's really happening at our campus to the east.  If you haven't been there or haven't been lately, you ought to check it out.

My girlfriend got to go with me.  Most Sundays, Susan and I don't see each other at all.  She's leading her ministries and supporting her team and I'm in the big room and talking to folks.  Sometimes she makes an appearance backstage just before I go on, gives me an encouraging kiss and tells me she loves me.  Those moments mean a lot.  But today she was able to ride with me in my race to Westchester and back.  While we were there, she was able to say thanks to the awesome team of PCC Kids folks there, but for me the treat was that we got to spend a rare 20 minutes together each way.  No doubt about it, God gave me the greatest gift of my life when he introduced me to Susan Payne.

Beth Stoddard....  I don't publicly express very often just how grateful I am for her.  But I've told her privately that I don't think I could search from now to the end of my career and ever find someone as talented, flexible and versatile, team-spirited, crazy-about-Jesus, energetic and creative as Beth.  Plus, she's coachable and has become one of the most gifted leaders at PCC.  She and I have been through a lot together, we have a lot of common stories now, and we've helped each other grow in our faith, in leadership and in our family roles.  I just can't say enough to express how deeply grateful I am to work with her.  She helped us create a powerful moment today, and led in a way that ensured the moment was created at both of our campuses.  That's not the exception, by the way.  She does that week in and week out.

Between church, visiting both campuses, helping make a meaningful moment, 101, the Edge party and a bunch of great conversations, it's one of those days that you feel like you did good; like you helped some people; like you've been blessed, too.

I think I'll sleep well tonight.

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