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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thinking of a new study...

A few weeks ago, as we led up to Easter, I did a series on this blog on the book of John (called it "Easter Soul Prep" and you can read the entire series on this blog. To see the first day, click here). Pretty much every day, we took one chapter of John at a time and finished all 21 chapters at Easter. For those of us who participated, it was a really good and meaningful part of our spiritual lives for those 3 weeks, and there was a good deal of very healthy discussion. For me, it served as a devotional time that was not a part of preparation for messages. Having some of you say you were counting on my posts was a healthy accountability for me, too.

Several have asked me to do it again, and I am sensing God nudging me that the time is right, so I'm eyeing some books:
  • 1 Corinthians. 16 chapters keeps it concise. Paul covers a lot of topics, including unity, heaven and hell, sin, the way for the church to be healthy, gifts from God, etc.
  • Genesis. One of my favorite books. An endless list of spiritual truths doused with familiar stories to most people. 50 chapters makes the commitment long, though, especially through the summer.
  • Proverbs. 31 Proverbs make it perfect for a month. Many, many great things for us to talk about and hear from God about.
I'm open to something else. But these are the pieces I'm kind of pondering. Let me know if something strikes you or if you have another idea. But do it quickly, because I think I'm going to start on Wednesday, June 1.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Corinthians....... I would love to join in this time!!

Susan Hughes said...

what about doing it twice a week thru the summer? you could have the posts all done & ready to publish even while you are gone. might be a good way for people to feel connected with you while you are away...just a thought

Connie K. said...

Proverbs (though June only has 30 days, so maybe it's good for July).

Otherwise, Corinthians :-)

Ginger said...

I like the idea of's not one that is typically done in a Bible study.

I also like Susan's idea of twice a week...less pressure in the summer.

I'm glad you're considering doing this again!