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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Help Victims of the Tornados

The Alabama community is in very dire need of our help from the tornados last week. They
are not expecting to get power back to the community for at least 6 weeks. I found out about this opportunity and wanted to pass it to you. Look at the bottom for contact info for any questions you have:

The folks from Abilene Motor Express will be dropping a empty tractor
trailer at Old Dominion Insulation 5/3/11. I would like to get this
Trailer Full by Friday 5/6/11 with items from the list below. This
would make sure that driver could make the trip in time for the folks
from surrounding communities to unload.

Any Cash Donations will be used to buy Pallets of canned food and or

Please help us get this truck loaded before Friday. We will unload and
Palatize all items rain or shine. Please feel free to get your Church

Drop off Times Tuesday-Friday 9:00AM-7:00PM

Old Dominion Address:
12764 Oak Lake Ct
Midlothian, Va 23112

List as seen below in email:

1. Wet wipes.
2. Diapers.
3. Gallon Water. They have small bottles they need big (Pallets)
4. Can food. (Pallets)
5. Towels and wash rags. (Pallets)
6. Toothbrushes & toothpaste.
7. Soap.
8. Deodorant.
9. Charcoal.
10. Any personal hygiene products.
11. clothing (any size)
12. Small Tents
13. Big Tents
14. Batteries
15. Tarps of any size
16. Baby Food
17. Any other Item you could think they would need.


Jeff Davoud

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Anonymous said...

You can also drop off at Capital Chevrolet/GMC until noon on Friday!