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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Friday, May 20, 2011

Is Tomorrow The End of World?

Tomorrow is the latest installment in a long list of predictions about the end of the world. May 21, it is said, is our last.


OK...PROBABLY Bull. May 21 could be the day, but if it is, those predicting it wouldn't know about it. Jesus is quite clear about this - you will not know the hour or the day. Parables like the 10 bridesmaids (and many others) paint a clear picture: we will not know a definite day, but we will know the season. It seems to me that every generation has thought they were in the 'end times' or the last days. I often feel that way, with what is happening in the middle east and earthquakes, flooding, etc. But those things are NOT new to our generation, even though they feel as if they are worse.

The bottom line is that I do believe Jesus will return. John 14 sites Jesus making his return very clear. But my role as a Christ follower is not to expend energy trying to 'time the market', if you will. Rather, I should live my life EVERY day like Jesus could return today. I don't always do this. I confess that truth. But I try, and I get better and more consistent the more I travel on this journey. One day, I'll be with Jesus - either because he came and got me or because I take my last breath and go to Him. Either way, I don't really know when that will be - it could be any second. I want to live my life like I'm ready for it no matter when it happens.

People invest WAY too much energy trying to figure out when Jesus will return, when he made it clear that we won't really know. Why not spend that same energy sharing the good news of Jesus in innovative, relevant, and effective ways. Why not make a dent in poverty. Why not help feed some hungry folks, help a kid who needs an adult in their life, etc, etc, etc.

Don't spend much energy on this - the 'pinpointing the end times' debate misses the point.

So, let's live every day like it's our last and work every day like the world depends on us, because it does. Time is critical...we just don't know exactly what time it is.


JulieS said...

Once again so happy to be a part of PCC where the truth is shared!

Cheryl said...

Ughhh!! We were all set to eat fried chicken, onion rings, hush puppies and a huge slice of apple pie ala mode, since we won't have to worry about our weight and health anymore. You just burst my bubble (lol).