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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Update on Thematic Goal

Updating our Progress
By Sammy Frame, Associate Pastor

PCC's Thematic Goal (to prepare our church for a January average attendance of 1,500) continues to take shape and grow. Our staff continues to make progress and move forward on implementing a strategy outlined by our 5 Defining Objectives that we believe will prepare us to equip, connect, and serve such an increase in attendance. We will spare you the detailed discussion that happens and continues to happen, but we hope your interest is spurred enough to ask questions and get involved in helping us meet this important goal.

So a quick overview of our Thematic Goal's Defining Objectives:
Defining Objective #1: Answer Interim Financial Questions (team lead: Chauncey Starkey)

Summary and Updates: This team has done a good deal of analysis to understand the current state of PCC's finances and how that relates to resourcing the Thematic Goal. This team continues to brainstorm ideas and implement the most realistic of those in order to adequately support PCC and our Thematic Goal efforts as we prepare for increased attendance.

How you can help: Chauncey is currently working to put together a team of highly motivated, creative, resource-motivated individuals who could lend their ideas, support, and time to accomplishing this objective.

Defining Objective #2: Addressing Critical Building Issues (team lead: Dennis Green)

Summary and Updates: Obviously, the building remains unfinished with much work to be done (small and large projects). Yet progress is apparent and happening. Many of the larger projects here require licensed contractors and significant resources to accomplish. We continue to work toward additional funding to accomplish these tasks. Here are some items currently completed or being worked on:
  • Cove base (similar to base boards) are being put down (even as you get this e-mail).
  • Ceiling tiles are largely done, though some spaces still need to be finished with cut tiles.
  • Interior doors continue to be finished.
  • An Atrium Decor Team under the leadership of Lori Wheeler has begun meeting to put together a more welcoming, comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing space.
  • New signage is being designed.
  • Consultations with PCC Kids is happening to determine additional space for a burgeoning number of kids.
  • Additional floor tiles in the stairwells will be laid in October.
  • The partitioning of the Multi-Purpose Room has been planned and waits on resources to turn half of it into a family room for Sunday morning services.
  • Grass is growing around the building.
o Here are some big ticket items that continue to wait on additional resources:
  • Parking Lot - a plan exists for an additional 80 spaces on site. An estimated $17,000 would enable us to generate those spaces.
  • Sound in the Auditorium - our Audio/Technical teams have done a masterful job of providing great sound on Sunday morning, but do not have the necessary equipment to make it the best it can be. An additional front-fill sound system would help us remove the holes and dead spots which currently exist in our sound.
  • Landscaping - a good bit of work remains for the Powhatan campus (the Westchester campus has immaculate grounds) including adding trees, additional grass, and mulching. With additional resources we plan to have a volunteer day to work toward making the Powhatan campus more aesthetic.
  • Sidewalks and Portico - Driving beneath the front portico remains a priority for our guests and sidewalks helps everyone, especially those who have a handicap. An estimated $12,000 would put a drive beneath the portico and cover the cost of sidewalks on the front of the building.
How you can help: First, volunteer. Many items at the building are small and would require minimal training to complete (doors, ceiling tiles, etc.). Second, join Chauncey's Defining Objective team (see above). Third, support financially.

Defining Objective #3: Reevalute Services/Scheduling/Programming (team lead: John Starkey)

Summary and Updates: This team has worked hard to assess the current capacity of PCC's services (especially with a growing children's ministry) and the need to go to a 3rd service or an alternative form of programming. An online campus as well as a live-feed option to the Westchester Campus remain under the purview of this team. They have also developed a survey to gather data and input on the need/desire for other service opportunities.

How you can help: Ensure that you take the survey that you will receive in the coming weeks. Your input will help us determine the need for additional services and programming. Volunteer to help process and analyze the survey results. Connect with John, Angie, or Beth with ideas or suggestions.

Defining Objective #4: Leadership Development (team lead: Beth Brawley)

Summary and Updates: The Leadership Development team has already put into place a "Leadership Essentials" small group that will work toward preparing and equipping future PCC leaders. Additionally, this team remains focused on identifying potential leaders, equipping them, and putting them into a new tier of leadership at PCC that will expand our capacity to include, connect, and equip more people. Finally, they are developing a plan to change the culture of PCC to an "ICNU" environment where leadership development is the norm.

How you can help: If you consider yourself a leader, would like to grow in leadership, or would like to expand your leadership role here at PCC, sign up for the Leadership Essentials small group. If you're not already serving somewhere at PCC, get involved by signing up for an Impact group at PCC. Encourage folks with leadership potential by letting them know you see that in them ("ICNU") and encourage them to use their gifts at PCC.

Defining Objective #5: Developing a Clear Connection Pathway (team lead: Susan Hughes)

Summary and Updates: A growing church requires that we clearly, efficiently, and effectively help people connect to the vital ministries and discipleship opportunities at PCC. This team continues to develop and refine a pathway that helps people move from just attending on Sunday to investing and growing in a relationship with God. The team has outlined a rough scheme already and continues to think through problems and issues it might pose. They also have researched other churches and continue to gather data on PCC to better shape a pathway that works for our church.

How you can help: Share your experience of connection here at PCC, whether good or bad. Help us evaluate how effectively or ineffectively we have communicated the opportunities to connect. If you have creative, artistic, or communication gifts, volunteer to assist us with designing and unrolling a unique pathway that clearly communicates how to connect and grow at PCC.

Finally, the staff's work of team-building from the summer's staff retreat continues. On Wednesday, September 22nd the entire staff spent a day at Carter Mountain near Charlottesville to build on the foundation we laid this summer (no, we did not go apple-picking). Team unity and transparency remains our goal and so we have purposed to set aside one day a month to continue that work. Following up on an exercise we did together on the staff retreat, we spent the day evaluating the progress of each staff member according to their own goals. Additionally, we collectively evaluated our church on 12 points made in an article (related to the Thematic Goal) that Brian handed to us in advance. Wednesday, September 29th's staff meeting continued this work by building on Patrick Lencioni's talk from this year's Leadership Summit. Lencioni challenged each individual to create a "stop-doing list" that would clearly identify items one needs to stop in order to be more effective. The staff has agreed to submit their own lists at an upcoming staff meeting.

Many thanks,
Sammy Frame
Associate Pastor
Small Groups and Guest Services

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