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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, October 25, 2010

PCC Members Meeting and Agenda Forum

Every year, PCC has ONE 'business meeting'. If you've never been to this event at our church, and right now you are having painful flashbacks of other church business meetings, let me encourage you to take a deep's all good.

When we started our church, we wanted to facilitate great, healthy discussion that leads to unity of purpose without promoting unhealthy division. So, we have our business meeting in 2 parts.

Part 1: The Agenda Forum. That is tomorrow evening at the Powhatan Campus at 7pm. You can see more about the agenda by clicking here. At the Agenda Forum, we simply discuss and address questions about items on the agenda. No 'voting' is done. That is saved for part 2.

Part 2: Annual Membership Meeting celebration. That is Saturday, November 6, at 6pm. YOu and your family are invited. We will have a great meal (the church provides this catered dinner), some good music and a unifying theme. The voting takes place in the opening of our evening and literally lasts about 1-2 minutes, because the discussion has already happened at the Agenda Forum. Most of the night is a celebration with good friends and great food!

Please email Lori at to let her know you are coming to the Annual Membership Meeting so that we can have a count for dinner.

Now, here are some notes about the budget, which you can see by clicking here:

Some notes about the 2011 proposed budget:

1. What we sent to the church was a master budget that is based on an increase in attendance and, therefore, giving. In addition to that budget, I have also given to our Staff and Steering team a scaled down version of the budget that we will operate under effective January 1. Attendance and giving has improved in recent weeks, and as that continues, we can move more and more towards the full budget. In the meantime, we’ll operate under an important rule: we don’t spend what we don’t have. If you’d like to see the ‘January 1’ operating budget, you can go to this google doc. I have highlighted in YELLOW the operating January 1 column.

2. I put the 2010 YTD income on that google doc for general offering, as of 10/17/10.

3. The staff expense line is actually not being reduced from what we actually spend today. In fact, there is an increase there. What you see for ‘budget’ was before we made some reductions last year. We are not planning on any cutbacks or salary reductions.

Please feel free to email Chauncey, Dennis or me if you have questions.

Thanks for your commitment to PCC!


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