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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today was an Exceptional Day

I just got home from one of the best days I can remember having at PCC in a long time. It really feels like we have a lot of momentum right we're firing on all cylinders. Here are some of my thoughts from the past week:

  • Powhatan Campus was different today! It was quite a surprise to most folks who came to Powhatan today. A portable stage was assembled in the middle of the floor, and the chairs were in 'the round'. From my perspective, it was very, very effective. I felt like I was having a great conversation, connected and fully engaged. I thought our music was high energy, the sound was awesome, the lights were cool, the video work was as good as I've ever seen it. I would love to do that arrangement again...but I would also like some feedback. So, let us know what you thought.
  • PCC's Westchester Campus continues to really grow and shine. The quality of the picture and sound is exceptional, the band there is very good and has a lot of energy. We have more and more folks who are settling there - many who have only been to that campus and consider it 'home'. It's a good crowd (over 100) and growing. The core team there is especially dedicated and has an incredible attitude. I was at a WC Core Team meeting Thursday evening and I continue to be so impressed by the hunger and tenacity of those leaders.
  • Midlothian Festival. I was on a Steering Team retreat Saturday, so I couldn't make the Midlothian Festival. PCC's Westchester Campus had a booth, some games and movie tickets to give away. Dennis Green said that he thinks we must have talked to a thousand people. That will bear fruit in the coming weeks.
  • Care Team. Katherine Ramsey, Rachel Huff and I led a Crisis Care Training today for about 20 folks from the Care Team. Rachel started, trained, led, and grew the most effective care ministry of any church I know. Today's training led to fantastic conversations and I'm so impressed by the dedicated and high capacity folks on that team.
Incredible things are happening at PCC...stay tuned. Greater things are still coming. God is up to something!

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Anonymous said...

Yesterdays (10/17/10)Service was awesome! Thank you to everyone who helped roll out the red carpet for God!!! It's been a long time since I felt that close to God! Its a easy approach to your spiritual life! I broke my routine by getting up with my husband (4:50 A.M.!) so i can make him coffee, read and pray. Before I was upset we had no time together in the mornings because he travels so far for work...this book made me think about him and his sacrifice. I still don't get more than five minutes with him in the morning but I get to make him coffee and walk a few miles in his early morning shoes and I have the rest of the morning with God. Thank you Brian and all of the others who do the work of the LOrd to bring us closer to Him...I look forward to more.