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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Parking at PCC

Last week, to everyone's surprise, we ran out of parking at the Powhatan Campus during the 11am service. We thought, being July, that there was no need for the shuttle. I agreed with this decision, but it was the wrong choice. I personally went to every car I could, as they waited in line and before they were sent to the shuttle lot, apologizing to every person I could. We got some shuttles going, but by that time we had already sent the wrong message.

The message we want to send to every guest is "we are ready for you...we have planned for you to come...we have a place for you." Studies show that adequate, attractive parking is one of the most significant ways that guests make their impression of a church. We should have known better. I should have known better.

So, here are 2 things you can count on, and a couple of requests:

1) There will be a shuttle at the Powhatan Campus every week, until #2(below) happens. If you are serving during both services, PLEASE take the shuttle. If you are coming to the 11am service during the summer, PLEASE take the shuttle. It's really not a big deal and it runs continuously.

2) We have a plan to add 80 new parking spaces on site. We have a donor who has offered a $10,000 matching donation (if we raise 10, they will give 10 - more on that later), so we have our funding question answered. We are working through the county processes now to make this happen. Once we get these spaces in, a shuttle will no longer be needed.

1) Every week, we use my Expedition and the Stoddard's Suburban for the shuttles. They are getting a LOT of use because of this. It would be great to 'share the love'. If you have a big car (7-8 passengers) and would be willing to let us use it, that would be great.

2) If you can give to the parking matching donation and help us raise the other 10k we need, that would be awesome. Susan and I are going to give something (a special gift) above our normal giving to this. Every dollar we give is doubled, essentially, by the matching gift. So, pray about this and help if you can. Write, 'PARKING' in the memo line of your check or on the envelope.

3) Parking folks are really greeters. They are the front line - the first impression. It's a very important role here at PCC. Want to give some of your time to something that makes a real impact? Contact Sammy Frame for more info.

4) Consider the 9am service in Powhatan or the 9:30 service at Westchester. If you haven't tried Westchester yet and you live on the eastern half of Powhatan, OR if you haven't tried it lately, you might be surprised how good it is! Our music there is excellent and many have said that the message is better there...more intimate.

Finally, a quick note of perspective: Isn't this a great problem to have? We're not struggling to get cars here, we're struggling with where to park them all!! That is SUCH A HUGE BLESSING! God is at work, and what we do matters!

See you Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

I hope we alwys use the shuttle, at least for the servers. That will mean we ar reaching more and more souls. Amen