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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A few prayer requests

Would you consider joining me in prayer for a few folks? This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list. Just a few folks that are really on my heart today.

  • Tony Tomandl. Tony leads an incredible ministry called CERI ( which seeks to help kids in Moldova, a very poor former-Soviet country in eastern Europe. It is the number 1 source for human trafficking in the Europe (forced prostitution, forced labor, etc.). Susan and I sponsor one of these kids. Tony is traveling in Moldova for the next 2 weeks. Pray for him, for his ministry, and for Cheryl who, I'm sure, is already awaiting his return home!
  • Bob Pino. He's a dear friend of mind and a great friend of PCC. His work both on the stage and behind the scenes has made a major difference. His friendship means the world. He's the kind of guy who just fills the room - he has a life and an energy about him that is electrifying. And he's really sick. Please pray for him and Jeannie today.
  • Kathy Ivins. Kathy is also really sick. Her husband, John, and their boys are hurting. They are good friends with incredible gifts and talents and presence. We're all still kind of in shock that Kathy is as sick as she is. Please pray for this family.
  • Allie Dulio. This little girl really needs our prayers. You can see more at It's never easy to know that someone you love is suffering, but it's particularly difficult when it's a child. Please pray for this special patient.
Thanks for being faithful in prayer. It matters. In a way we don't fully grasp and won't really comprehend this side of heaven, prayer somehow moves the heart of God. It matters, even when we don't always see the results we want. Scripture tells us to pray continually, ask for what we want and need, and trust in God.

Thanks again,


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