Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thoughts about PCC

Today was a GREAT day for PCC! It was truly a momentous occasion.
  • We officially became a multi-site church today, with the launch of our Westchester Campus! There were 128 people there today. The band is live and does the same music as the Powhatan Campus. The teaching is exactly the same, and on the screen. Don't knock it 'til you try it. You'd be surprised how personal and comfortable it is. Lots of folks I know have said they didn't think they'd like it, but found it to be as good or better than being in person.
  • The Powhatan Campus had an awesome Easter crowd. I had the chance to stand at the curb and greet people as they came in for the 11am service. It was sooooo cool! There were people everywhere. We ran out of seats and parking spaces (it's a challenge, but a nice one to have to overcome!).
  • We WILL fix the parking lots at the Powhatan Campus next week (before Sunday, April 18, weather permitting), so please bear with us on this shuttle and parking thing until then. I'll keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who took the shuttle today with a smile...and for the shuttle drivers!
  • I had a core PCC member tell me today, with tears in his eyes, how grateful he was for PCC 2.0. He said it was making a significant difference in his life. We really are living into a new day. We committed to moving out of 2009...and God was with us! Aren't you glad you stuck around to see the new thing He is doing in and through us?
  • There were scores of new people today at both campuses. Don't stop inviting your friends and coworkers and neighbors. It really does matter. God is at work. Lives are changing. We have a lot of don't stop what you are doing!
  • Thanks especially to those of you who have been faithfully giving to PCC. I know some of you are making huge sacrifices to give and tithe faithfully at our church. We are making good progress with our finances. Don't let up...we're in the building, launched Westchester, recovering from 3 lost snow Sundays this winter, about to go online every week, and our finances improve a little every Sunday. Thanks for helping us make that happen, and for the sacrifice you make for the mission of our church!
  • Finally, for those of you still searching for your place, now is a great time for you to begin serving. There are so many people coming and there are so many great things happening, we need someone of your particular set of giftedness, passion, skill, personality and experience. Several staff members, including me, would be glad to talk with you if you're ready to plug in!
See you next Sunday!

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jim said...

Welcome Brian to the multi-site revolution.
I will add you to the multi-site national directory on my website at
Go forth and multiply!
Jim Tomberlin