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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Church Softball

You may not know, but PCC has 3 teams playing in the Powhatan County Church softball league. The Lambs are made up of a group of young guys who have been playing together forever. PCC East and PCC West are teams that we field from our general population. Below is the playing schedule. Come out and enjoy some of the games.

Church League games are played at the field behind the county school administration building on Scaggs Road in the village of Powhatan.

By the way, after the church league is over, we have a PCC-only league. Usually made up of 4 teams from folks who are a part of PCC, we have a lot of fun playing all summer long. If you want to be a part of that, send an email to and she'll get you in the right place.

Mon 04/26/2010 8:45 PCC at Red Lane 2
Tue 04/27/2010 7:15 Graceland at PCC East
Tue 04/27/2010 8:45 Lambs at Mount Moriah
Fri 04/30/2010 8:45 Mennonites at PCC
Tue 05/04/2010 8:45 Family Worship Center at Lambs
Fri 05/07/2010 7:15 PCC at PCC East
Mon 05/10/2010 7:15 Band of Brothers at Lambs
Thur 05/13/2010 7:15 Lambs at PCC
Mon 05/17/2010 8:45 PCC East at Red Lane 1
Tue 05/18/2010 8:45 Lambs at Hollywood
Fri 05/21/2010 7:15 Red Lane 1 at PCC
Fri 05/21/2010 8:45 PCC East at Mount Moriah
Thur 06/03/2010 7:15 PCC East at Bethesda
Mon 06/07/2010 8:45 Hollywood at PCC
Tue 06/08/2010 8:45 St John Newman at PCC East
Fri 06/11/2010 8:45 PCC East at Family Worship Center
Mon 06/14/2010 7:15 PCC at Mount Moriah
Tue 06/15/2010 8:45 Bethesda at Lambs
Fri 06/18/2010 7:15 Red Lane 2 at PCC East
Mon 06/21/2010 7:15 Lambs at St John Newman
Tue 06/22/2010 7:15 Graceland at PCC
Tue 06/22/2010 8:45 PCC East at Band of Brothers
Fri 06/25/2010 8:45 PCC at Family Worship Center
Mon 06/28/2010 7:15 PCC East at PUMC
Tue 06/29/2010 7:15 Mennonites at Lambs
Tue 06/29/2010 8:45 PCC at Band of Brothers
Thur 07/01/2010 7:15 Lambs at Red Lane 1
Thur 07/15/2010 8:45 Lambs at Graceland
Fri 07/16/2010 7:15 PCC at Bethesda
Mon 07/19/2010 8:45 Hollywood at PCC East
Tue 07/20/2010 8:45 St John Newman at PCC
Thur 07/22/2010 7:15 PCC East at Lambs

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