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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Friday, April 23, 2010

Have a donut...and a parking spot

First, I know I haven't written much here lately. I have leaned into some other areas that needed a lot of energy from me, but I've neglected this blog and some communication areas. You'll see a good bit of posts in the coming days.

Let me start with something exciting...last Sunday was an awesome day at PCC! Awesome for lots and lots of reasons. But one of them was that we just are in a season of high growth right now. It feels good to be growing like this again, and I'm glad we have the challenges that come with growth.

But...last Sunday, we ran out of parking spots at the 11am service at the Powhatan Campus. As many as 15 cars had to be turned away and sent to the shuttle lot, and we know for a fact that some of them were first time guests. We're not positive that they actually went to the shuttle lot. They may have just gone home. Obviously, that's not what we're after.

Also at 11am, there were so many kids, we were very close to having to shut down some of the classrooms (turning away any additional kids). For example, there were 17 kids in the 3 year old room. There were 21 girls in the 4-6th grade small group. Wow!

What's the solution? Well, certainly we need more parking. We're working with a civil engineer and the county to amend our site plan and add about 80 more spaces, and Dennis Green spent a good bit of time on a Bobcat this week trying to improve the parking areas we already have.

But that's not the whole solution. New parking areas won't solve the floor space and classrooms sizes for our kids and seats in the big room. It's more complicated than just having more parking.

We really need some folks to shift from the 11am service to the 9am service.

We also need some folks who live to the east to consider going to the Westchester Campus. Now, I'm not trying to make anyone feel unwelcome. Please don't hear me that way. But we're all in this together and we're all going for the same goal: to reach people. And we can't reach them if they can't find a place to park or have a safe place for their kids to learn and have fun.

If you come to the 11am service, I'm asking if you would consider shifting to the 9am service or to the Westchester Campus.

What does this have to do with Donuts?

If you come at 9am, you will have a place to park on site (I'm assuming that we're not going to have 300 people shift services...if that happens, we'll still have some shuttling).


Anyone who comes to the 9am service will have fresh Krispy Kreme Donuts to eat, our treat!

Saturday evening, I will personally pick up more than One Thousand Hot Krispy Kreme Donuts (yes, I'm going to have one on the way home.) (OK...OK...I'll probably have more than one.)

Come Sunday at 9am. Get a fresh cup of coffee and a donut or two...and park on site!

See you then!


Erik said...

Sounds like some Steering Team accountability is needed here. I mean, I could ride along JUST to make sure the extra dozen I buy is the ONLY dozen we eat!

jf said...

I'm with Erik. Who in the world put you in charge of picking up the donuts? The planning committee really fell asleep at the switch here. 1000 donuts??? They won't even make it back to the county line. The only products I can think of that would have a shorter life expectancy in your car would be either pop tarts or oreos.

Brenda G said...

What time will the donuts be at Westchester?? hmmm.... lol :)