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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, May 21, 2012

The LITL Secret

Yesterday at PCC, we got to see four key elements that are key components of effectively sharing your faith.  They spell LITL: Location, Investment, Time and Lifestyle.  I won't rehash what I said - you can listen to the message by clicking here or watch the entire service by clicking here.

Today, I wanted to expand on a couple of things I didn't have time to fully explore.

Time.  The primary illustration I used yesterday was about James Nyangas, who digs wells for poverty stricken villages in Africa.  Putting your time into that kind of work really will give you a chance to share your faith in dramatic ways.  But you don't have to wait to go halfway around the world to invest time.

How does this practically work in every day life?  I'm glad you asked!

  • You pass Bob in the hallway at work.  You know he's going through a hard time at home, mid-way through a bad divorce, and he's been struggling.  You have a full plate and a growing to-do list.  As you pass each other in the hallway, will you give Bob your precious time by asking, "How are you really doing?" knowing that he will take half an hour or more to tell you the same things he's already told you?  Deep down, you know that he really needs to talk a lot through this season in order to process what's happening with him and his life.  He needs a friend who's willing to listen patiently.  This is a moment that begs for your time investment.
  • You are really good with kids, and you know they need help with coaches in the rec league.  Your own kids are no longer in that age group, but you also know that you have a chance to be a significant influence on parents and kids, and you suspect that will also open doors to share your faith.  This is a moment that begs for your time investment.
  • You've heard about teenagers coming to PCC who come on their own, without a parent.  You've heard Angie talk about needing adults to invest some time into the lives of some teenagers, but you also know you have lots of other things you want to do.  This is a moment that begs for your time investment.
  • So far, you've resisted all asks for you to open your home and host a small group.  While your neighbors have resisted your invitations to come to church, you have had several spiritual conversations with them and you suspect that they'd come to your home for burgers and a little spiritual conversation around a Small Group Bible study.  Still, you hate the thought of having to clean your house every week so folks can come over.  This is a moment that begs for your time investment.
There is an endless list of ways you can invest your TIME into people.  And if you are intentional about this, you WILL have chances to share your faith.  I am fully aware that none of us can say yes to every opportunity.  Yes, we should be selective.  But we cannot neglect to be faithful with giving time.  There is no other way to effectively share our faith.  

Invest your time in other people!

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