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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I REALLY need YOUR help...

Right now, I'm traveling back to Powhatan after spending 2 days with some of our staff and leaders at The Highlands Fellowship in Abingdon. Highlands is an incredible model for PCC - a little farther down the road in terms of age, size and number of campuses, but not so far as to be out of reach for us. I could say a LOT about what we learned, but one key thing was this:

Their facilities were comfortable, well thought out, and COMPLETE. 

Most of our team were keenly aware of how much more comfortable, inviting and relaxing it felt to be in a finished facility. To date, though, even after being in it for over two years, PCC's building remains incomplete.

I decided that I needed to do all I could to finally finish it, and I'm asking you to join me! 

I'm giving back a week of my time off this summer and dedicating it to PCC for this project. If you can come and help for ANY time - a lot or a little - we can finally finish our building! Would you consider it? Maybe you would be willing to come in the evenings or on Saturday. Perhaps some folks will even take some vacations days from work to help. Whatever you are willing to give, it would make a difference! There is a LOT to do, but together, we can do it!

During these five days, we are going to install a MAJOR Landscape all across the front of the building - it has already been designed, the plants donated, and they've been ordered! We'll be finishing the cove base (trim along the floor). We'll be painting, finishing the doors throughout the building, and hanging fixtures we own, but haven't yet installed. We'll be doing wood trim (for those with those skills), landscaping, and a million different little touches that just need to be completed. I'm hoping a lot of people will help me get this done! We CAN finish!

No skill is required. But we do need some folks with specific skills (see list below).

Dates: Saturday, June 9. Monday through Thursday, June 11, 12, 13, 14.

Kinds of work to do: Painting, cove base, wood trim, landscaping, cleanup, hardscape project, parking lot work (tractor work), light construction, plumbing, small concrete project, grouting, fertilizing, planting plants, mulching, painting, painting, painting! The link to sign up for some helping is here.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I've been very encouraged by some 1-on-1 conversations with people who seem excited to help. Looking forward to seeing you there!



Anonymous said...

I signed up, but I wanted to let someone know that my intention is that my Small Group will be there that Wednesday night to volunteer.
Angela Meadows

Anonymous said...

I also signed up, but this includes Tim, Lacey and I am putting the word out to all Belize Team members and challenge all other PCC mission teams to help our building get completed.

Kathy Dickson

Anonymous said...

I didn't know in time so I already took a weeks vacation and provided the materials to finish the bookstore except for the cove base. Not sure I can get that time too. Jim Mustian