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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Cool Gift

On weekends when I teach, I like to use my Bible and put my notes in it.  I have used podiums, but they are too big and obtrusive and become a barrier between me and the folks in the room.  So, for the past few months, I've had a stool that I put beside me and lay my Bible on.  But the stool is really too short.  A music stand is too big.  A podium is WAY too big.  I needed something...custom.  A podium-like structure with a 12x12 platform with a very slight angle.  Something black and un-obtrusive.

I have a friend who goes to PCC who fabricates metal.  He was telling me one night about some lighthouses he had made.  So I called him one day and said, 'hey, I was wondering if you could make me a podium that's really NOT a podium.'

He got some measurements from me and said he'd love to do it as a gift to the church.  I didn't give him anything except what I've said here. I wasn't thinking about it in a creative way.   I didn't give him a template or any kind of formatting style. But today I saw what he made, and it is awesome!  He did this by hand!

It's always amazing to me what people can do with their talent and skill.  Like I was saying this past Sunday, figure out your gift and pursue excellence it.  I'm grateful that this friend - and so many people at our church - pursue their gifts and use them to do great things!

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Brandee Shafer said...

This is awesome. My dad has a fabrication business in East TN, so I have a special place in my heart for this medium.