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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Soul Prep Day 7

I apologize for getting this done so late today. My own Easter Soul Prep was...delayed.

I find a few things about John 7 to be interesting.

Timing. Note the reference in v.6 "My time is not yet here." That's familiar. Jesus said in John 2, regarding his mother's request for a miracle, "My hour has not yet come." (2:4). And later, the authorities were somehow restrained from seizing Jesus because 'his hour had not yet come." (v.30) John is concerned about timing and wants us to know not only who Jesus is, but also that God has a plan worked out and a timing schematic laid out for that plan.

Living Water. Note the reference in v.37-38 and how similar the symbolic meaning of water is to 4:10-14.

The World's View of Christ Followers. I find Jesus' statement in v.7 to be somewhat perplexing. Speaking to his disciples, he says, "the world cannot hate you..." Really?

Not Going Public. The disciples want Jesus to 'go public'. But Jesus isn't ready. He avoids Judea, goes to the Festival 'in secret' (v.10). How, exactly, an electrifying figure like Jesus 'secretly' goes to a party is worth pondering. And why? That's worth asking, too.

Who Is Jesus? John 7 has a recurring question throughout: Who is Jesus? Is he a good man (v.12)? Is he demon possessed (v.20)? Messiah (v.26, 41)? The Prophet (v.40)? This is THE question that John deals with in his Gospel, and it is underneath of the entire writing. From the very beginning of Chapter 1, John wants to tell us who Jesus is, and he wants us to know that people are divided over the question of identity.

Who do YOU believe Jesus is? That's the question.

Note the ending of Chapter 7 as Nicodemus shows up again. He was in chapter 3 creeping around in the dark and we will see him again.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea that Jesus could go places and be somewhat secretive. V.4 says "No one who wants to become a public figure acts in secret. Since you are doing these things, show yourself to the world." I see this in modern day when there are the loud, overbearing, or in-your-face Christians, or non-Christians for that matter, that say they want to teach others about God...but really are just telling others what to do. Jesus didn't need to show himself to the world until it was time. He quietly did what he needed to do prepping for the day he could show the world God's love. What patience he must have had and what patience those around him needed. We have the luxury of knowing, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story. All too often people are wanting the answers right now- right away- instant. Patience...and trust in God is what is really needed. Not 10-minutes of fame or being thrust into a famous, public figure. I like the route Jesus took. It makes me smile...

Ginger said...


I love your comment. I didn't know what to think when I read all the "secret" stuff...I even put a question mark in my Bible beside these verses.

You've really given me a new perspective...thank you!

Brian C. Hughes said...

Wow! What great insight, Heather. I'm glad you saw that...something I had never considered.