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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Soul Prep Day 14

John 14 is one of the most recited, and therefore most known, chapters in the Bible. You hear Jesus' words here at many funerals.

But familiarity does not necessarily equate to clarity. In fact, Jesus' statement that he is going to 'prepare a place' sounds more like he's got to go clear the land, survey, lay the foundation, frame it, etc. Is that what he means? Is there a physical place He's building...currently under construction? If you really get underneath His words here, you'll find a lot of questions.

Questions are good. They help us dial into the heart of God. So I'm not attempting to be sarcastic or irreverent here. Just asking good questions.

14:6 is one of those texts you ought to memorize, in my opinion. What does it mean that you can only get to the Father through Jesus? Practically speaking, how does that work?

I also find Jesus' statement in v.12 to be shocking - that we would do even greater things than Him!? But then you find Peter in Acts 2 and Paul healing people and fast forward to people like Craig Groeschel reaching 100,000 people every week on the internet and the millions to whom Billy Graham has preached live.

Vs. 15 & 23 are convicting for me, and there is a measure of accountability in them, too. If I love Jesus, I will obey what he commands and I'll obey his teachings. Do I always do that? What does my measure of obedience say about my love for Him?

There is much more here, as I say every day, but it's Sunday, so I'm glad it's a short chapter!

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Ginger said...

Brian, I agree that v 15 & 23 are convicting. I feel myself cringe every time I read them, because if my obedience is a measure of my love, I think I fall short too many times!

Also, I've notice that Jesus frequently tells his disciples not to be afraid. (vs 1 & 27 in this chapter). He knows that his followers are getting anxious...he's talking of things they obviously don't understand and mostly about him leaving. Don't be afraid of the future, he says, because I'm with you. I hope I do a better job of remembering these verses when I get anxious about tomorrow.