Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Hodgepodge of Things...

We had another very exciting day at PCC today. Lots of cool changes happening, lots of buzz. I'm really glad that Beth Brawley Stoddard and John Ivins both stepped in for me in the past few weeks. Teaching every week takes a lot of energy and time, and their work allowed me to do some other kinds of leadership that I needed to do one week and take a vacation the other one. I'm planning to be the teaching pastor for the next several weeks now, and I'm quite excited about it!

  • Today, I taught about prayer in a tongue-and-cheek way, by teaching 'How to NOT hear God speak.' 3 things: Do all the talking (see Rom 8:26-27, Matt 6:7-8; Be a spoiled brat (see 1 Sam 8, Phil 4:6, Ps 37:4); and Maximize the Distractions.
  • This coming week, we are having our Blue Christmas services. You don't want to miss this special service, offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings. For more details, see our website
  • Plan to spend Christmas Eve at PCC! Come to one of THREE services offered that evening.
  • Get involved! For our church to keep growing and reaching people, we need everyone to get in the game! Sunday mornings are exciting at PCC. We need folks to help at Westchester, and if you live on that end of town, consider going to that Campus. At least check it out if you've never been. At Powhatan, we need shuttle drivers and folks who like working with kids from infants through 6th grade.
  • Finally, a way you can pray for us. We're now seriously considering what the time slot of the 3rd service should be and the format. We're also starting to seriously pray about our next campus. While launching that campus would still be months (or years) away, the Spirit is moving us today. Pray that we would clearly hear God speak, and have the courage to move when He says.
So many folks are finding their place and their home at our church. Isn't that awesome?! God is really up to something!

Change is coming. Always. Because we're on the move!

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Awesome stuff!!!!!!