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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A few questions about Luke 1-2:

  • After reading Luke 1-2, name the things you know about:

  • Which characters in the Christmas story are NOT in Luke's account (who is usually in the nativity scene that is not mentioned by Luke)?
  • Why was Zechariah unable to speak?
  • There are 2 songs in Luke 1 sung by 2 different people. Who are they? Why are they singing? What is their message?
  • John has a unique way of greeting Jesus the first time he 'meets' Jesus (from his mother's womb). What does he do?
  • Elizabeth and Mary were both unlikely candidates for motherhood. Why?

Don't limit your family time to these questions. Work through the scripture.

And also consider the 3 things we talked about today:

  1. How are you making the paths straight for Jesus to be in your life?
  2. Is there someone around you to whom you can give some time, and help fill in their valley this Christmas?
  3. Is God calling you to give to families in need this year - helping level their mountain of need or hunger or pain? Where should you give? There are lots of options - from individual families to the Salvation Army. You can also give to those folks through PCC. Click here to give through our website. There is an option for 'help others in need' and 100% of your donation would be given to a family in need of help.

Hope this helps you prepare for His coming this Christmas!

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