Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thoughts about today...

Wow. I am so overwhelmed right now with feelings about today...especially about tonight. The Dedication service for our building was almost beyond words, and God really made a spectacular display among us through music and testimony and video and the presence of friends and special guests. The service was electric. Rarely have I felt the Holy Spirit move so powerfully.

Some special friends were here, making the trip some distance to come. Doug and Betsy Frazier were here. Doug is the interim pastor at Ni River Community Church in Spotsylvania. He was instrumental in planting PCC.

Rick Gideons and Tim Gresham were here from the Powhatan County School Board. And you heard Dr. Meara, the Powhatan School Superintendent speak tonight. She has been gracious to us beyond what we could have expected. We wouldn't be here today if it weren't for her leadership and help.

You may have seen Jeff Boggess, Senior Pastor from Atlee Community Church, in the video where he congratulated us. I didn't know that Jeff and Lanette were here, but I had the chance to talk to them afterward. Susan and I count the Boggess' as close friends - the kind of friends that you do life with. They have been such a blessing to us and I am particularly enjoying partnering our churches for Kingdom-sized work (more on that later). They honored us with their presence tonight, and it was a very nice surprise to see them.

I think about others who came, who have meant so much to me and to our church. Hundreds of folks who have invested in PCC in some way, past or present....everyone recognizing that God is at work right here...among us...through us. It's overwhelming. And I am so grateful.

God is Good. All the time. But sometimes, we see His Goodness more than others. Tonight was one of those times.

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Tony Tomandl said...

Sunday was truly a remarkable day. The worship and community experience at Westchester was great as more people are going us and today many hung arround after the service to connect, talk and enjoy the donuts. Then how could you top the dedication of the new building? It was one of those moments when you could sense in a very tangible way God's presence and His pleasure.