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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An IMPORTANT Riverside Update

Our next physical campus is scheduled to launch this coming Sunday, September 8!  The service begins at 10:30 and will the same service we have at our other campuses.

If you are able and willing, here are Four ways you can help

1)  There is a substantial list of things that still have to be done to be ready for Sunday.  You don't have to have any special skill.  You just have to be willing and give some time.  If you can help, there are people up there right now and all day and all evening today and tomorrow.  You don't even need to call.  Just show up and someone will get you going.  Even if it's just a couple of hours, that would be a major help.  If you can help Friday or Saturday, please call Chauncey Starkey at 804.598.1174.  Leave him a message if you don't get him and he'll coordinate with you.

2)  We still need folks to help serve for our first month (4 weeks)...especially with PCC Kids.  If you are willing to serve once or all four weeks, let Susan Hughes know at

3) I feel very confident that we will have a LARGE crowd on the first Sunday.  We've sent two mass mailers and our launch team there reports that their phones are ringing steadily with friends and colleagues asking about the service time, children's ministry, what to wear, etc.

SO....if you are already a PCC'er and you would just like to come check out our Riverside campus to make sure there are plenty of people there the first day...I'm asking you to wait until the second or third Sunday.  The first Sunday is when all of the curiosity seekers from the community will come.  Some are part of another church and have no intention of staying at PCC.  Some are not connected to another church, but are steeped in church tradition and just won't like what we do, so they won't come back.  There may even be a county official or two - just supporting the new church in town on their inaugural Sunday.

Having critical mass on day 1 won't be a problem.  The curious and the one's who are looking for something more traditional will, by and large, not be back the next week.  (By the way, this is typical in every launch).

So, if you are coming just to show your support, we still need you to do that!  But if you are willing, we need you to do that on September 15 and 22 and 29 instead of September 8.

4) IF we do fill the big room up (it seats 210), Chauncey or I will make a statement like this, "Wow!  This is really great!  There are a lot of people here today!  Let me ask you if everyone would shift towards the middle, fill the empty seats and open up some chairs so that our ushers can seat some folks looking for a place to sit." When that happens, that's a special cue - code language, if you will - for folks who are already a part of PCC to just get up and give up your seat.  Stand in the back or go to the atrium, where we will have overflow chairs, a big screen and sound so that you can watch the service.  I know this is a sacrifice, but it will be a blessing to the first-time guests.  They won't come back if they can't sit down.

At ALL Three of our physical campuses and online, Sunday is going to be a great day!  So, which ever campus you attend, come to church this Sunday.  And while you're at it...invite a friend!

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