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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upgrading your Spiritual Journey

Last fall, we did a series called STUCK.  You might remember it.  It was defining for a lot of people, and we did some things we had never done before, offering some broad tools that helped people develop a regular, steady reading of the Bible.

First, if the Bible is a mystery to you and you don't really know what all the fuss is about, let me encourage you to check out the service from that day by clicking here.

Specifically, we offered a plan help people read one clear, simple, easy to read book of the Bible (Mark) in   30 days.  We would send a text each day with the section to read and we would set up a blog and post the scripture and a few questions for folks who wanted to go a little further.  

A few hundred people signed up.  Frankly, I was a little surprised so many were interested.

What really surprised me is how many stories people have shared about what a life changing adventure this has been for them.  People are reading the Bible for the first time, and it is making a difference in their lives.  Some are reading with their kids, others with their spouses.  Some read at the beginning of each day, others as soon as they arrive at work (a few minutes early, I hope!).  It seems that the texting reminders and the blog are both useful tools.

Our team is now looking to the next phase of this, and we're definitely going to keep it going.  Now is a great time to get into it, as we're getting ready to start reading a new book of the Bible.  It's also a good time to actually shape what comes next.  Below, I've pasted the post from the blog.  Add your input and help us make it better!

PCC Daily Readings to Continue

That's right! Reading the Bible together at PCC has been such a success that we plan to make our daily devotionals a regular, ongoing thing. Acts will end this Thursday, January 10. We'll begin a NEW reading plan on Monday, January 14. We hope you'll continue reading with us AND we'd love your ideas on two things:

  • Help us rename this blog - worked during our Stuck series, and even for a second reading plan. However, to make this an ongoing program, we need a more general name.  What would you call it? For example - Life Church has Bible X (expect, explore, experience the Bible).
  • Help us decide what to read next - We'd LOVE to hear from you before we create the next reading plan. What have you been wanting to read? 

Leave a comment here to tell us what you think or send thoughts and suggestions to Happy reading!


Tony Tomandl said...

How about an introduction to the Old Testament (Covenant)? Another idea is selections from Psalms and Proverbs.

Naming this: Bible buffet - all you can eat and start anywhere in the line.

Sarah Oakley said...

Bible Buffet? Lol..."gluttons for God" is what I think after that....I thought of "Daily Bread" but I think that sounds cheesy...bread and cheese lol. I need to stop lol. Tony, I hope you don't think I'm making fun of you! I like the idea of OT, what about a minor prophet? Obadiah or Malachi? I would love to see the blog advertised more on Sundays, I think some have forgotten. Proverbs is a great idea too, we could all be wiser! Yeay! Lol. Happy Friday everyone :)