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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Changes in our Worship Team

Beth Stoddard officially became our staff worship leader on August 1, 2005.  PCC wasn't even 3 years old yet.  But I knew immediately - I mean immediately - that she would change the face of our church.  I needed a worship leader who could read my mind.  I'm not kidding.  Beth could do that.  She knew exactly what I wanted, what to play and when to play it.

She was also a mess.  She couldn't believe I would actually hire someone who was so messed up.  But, again, I didn't want some model-of-a-perfect life person.  Truth is, that person doesn't exist.  Having someone who knew they were broken was exactly the image I wanted for someone who would be out front a lot.  I don't hesitate to talk about my brokenness.  I needed someone who could be real about theirs.

Beth had all of the goods.  She was (and still is) as talented as any musician we'd ever had on our platform.  She could (and still can) sing like nobody else.  Her own failure had brought her to a new level of humility that would allow God to rebuild something from the ashes of her life that she would never have imagined at the time.

So, for seven years, Beth has been one of my most trusted partners.  Let me put you at ease: Beth isn't leaving PCC or our team.  But she has added to her resume during these years, learning how to download her gifts and experience to other people.  This is critical, as we learn how to truly become a multi-campus church and grow beyond two physical campuses.

Beth remains on our senior staff (we call this the Blue Team) and is responsible for all things Creative and Music at all of our campuses at PCC.  And we have added some folks on our staff that she now leads.  Keep in mind that there is a HUGE team of musicians and technicians, actors, creatives, writers, artists and support folks that make it all happen.  We need all of these people using their gifts, too.

This change is a good thing, and is good for our future.  You'll still see Beth on the platform at our various campuses from time to time, but she will also be leading and coaching behind the scenes, too.  

Check out Beth's post about the new people and her changing role here.  And while you're at it, why don't you think about stepping up and being a part somewhere in that ministry.!?

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