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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Friday, December 21, 2012

Why You Should Read Acts

I had another one yesterday.  Another conversation with another person who told me about how their life was changed because, for the first time ever, they were reading the Bible.  I now have this conversation about 3 times every week.  Since we started doing this 6 weeks ago at PCC, it has been the most phenomenal thing.  On a scale I can't ever remember seeing, people's eyes are being opened to God's involvement in their lives.

Like everyone, I know you have a lot going on right now.  December - especially this final push towards Christmas - is insanely busy.  As we speed closer, more and more things get pushed aside.  I get it.  

But believe it or not, hundreds of people are somehow still reading the Book of Acts with us right now.  And it's not too late for you to read it with us.  If you read Mark with us first, Acts is a logical next step.  Let me tell you a few reasons why:

  • While Mark (as well as Matthew, Luke and John) all tell the story of Jesus' life, ministry and death, Acts is the only book in the Bible that tells about what happens in the days, months and years immediately following Jesus' resurrection.  It's critically important to our understanding and instruction.
  • It's exciting!  So much happens so never gets boring.  At times, you can hardly put it down.
  • It's applicable.  Ok, there are some times when you think, "I've never seen God work like that in my life or in others around me." But most of the time, I think we can apply what happened in Acts to what's happening in us.

It's not too late.  We're not that far into the book.  You can catch up by reading Acts 1-8 (which won't take you long).  Then you can get a daily reminder of the scripture by texting "pccwired2" to 41411.  Also, we post the scripture each day, along with some helpful questions (usually) at our blog.  Some people just go there and read each day.  

So come along and join the adventure.  

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