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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Answer to Prayer

Last week, we had that big meeting at PCC (which you can learn about by clicking here) and just before it started, Mandy James shared something urgent and asked that we pray. There had been a mixup with the travel agent and Natasha, Caroline and Gareth Stewart had not received their visas. After months and months of work and preparation and fundraising, they were hours from departing, but they could not go without a visa.

Getting the visa at that point seemed impossible for a number of reasons. And no one ever gets a visa as fast as they needed one, through multiple bureaucracies and 6-hour differences in time zones, basically starting from scratch a process that normally takes weeks.

So, we prayed. On behalf of everyone in the room, my words were something like this, "God, when the Stewart family gets their Visa's, we're going to give you the credit for it, count it as a miracle, and be thankful for your intervention."

Well, check out this picture...

After they traveled to DC and spoke directly to the US Ambassador from Macedonia, God orchestrated the miracle we asked for, and the Stewards got their paperwork in literally record time! And now they are in Macedonia with the rest of the team.

Thanks, God, for your work in this situation. We trusted that you were Good either way, but we're very grateful that you made a miracle happen.

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