Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We are changing our Powhatan Campus service times!
Effective Sunday, December 5, our service times will be 9:30 and 11:15 at Powhatan.
Westchester will still meet at 9:30.

Our hope is that making this change will shift some folks from the late service to the early service. Currently, our late service (11am) is full, and we're almost out of chairs and parking spaces and children's space. We think that some people will come at 9:30 who are currently unable to come at 9:00.

This is A GREAT THING! "More people" are not a problem...they are our purpose!

So, Invite someone to church! Seeing more and more people is not a burden or an's a privilege. The Bible says that when we've been faithful, God will increase our responsibility (see Matthew 25). So, keep inviting people to church. Who is around you that God is nudging you to invite? We won't single them out or put them on the spot. And if they aren't used to going to church, then PCC is just for them!

One of the things people have grown to count on from PCC is change. We've changed locations 3 times in 8 years. Changes in personnel. Changes in style, level of excellence, emphasis. Our ministries have changed. We've stopped doing some things, started doing others.

An ability to change quickly is one of the reasons we've grown. We can respond to what is happening around us, and we can do it in real time. We specifically designed our church structure to make it easy to make changes.

That's not a license to make reckless decisions. We've often taken a lot of time to think through and pray about decisions. Sometimes you have the luxury of taking your time. Other situations, not so much.

As part of our rallying cry to all work together so that we are prepared for 1500 people, our staff worked hard looking at various scenarios, and we surveyed the church to see what would work best. More changes will still come out of that work in 2011. For example, a 3rd service is likely, and other ideas are also on the table for how we can grow and reach more people. But for now, we are changing our service times, effective December 5.

4 Ways You Can Help:

1) Serve! You can be a MAJOR part of making a difference in the lives of families by serving inPCC Kids. This is one of the areas where we have the greatest need because we are growing the fastest. Susan Hughes comes home every week talking about the exciting ways that kids are growing closer to Jesus Christ! You don't have to have tons of skills and you don't have to memorize the Bible - you just have to love God and love children! We also have positions where you don't have to interact directly with kids if that's not your thing. Email her at

And how about considering Guest Services? We need people who can smile, greet, open doors, park cars, escort folks with umbrellas on rainy days, serve coffee, usher folks to empty seats, serve in the bookstore and at the information table and generally welcome people. Email for more information or to say 'yes'!

2) You can take the shuttle. We're still trying to get some additional parking done that will give us 80 spaces. At least until that happens, folks who love our church can park at Powhatan Middle School and ride the shuttle to the church. I know it's inconvenient, but it's only 1 mile, the shuttle runs constantly from 6:30am til 12:30pm (and often until after 12:30 when there is a need), and it makes a BIG difference!

3) You can come to the early service instead of the late service.

4) You can go to Westchester, especially for folks who live in Powhatan East or in Chesterfield. Westchester is really growing. There is a KILLER AWESOME band there, with a full children's program, great coffee and SUPER COMFORTABLE seats!

The bottom line is that God is at work, and it's great to be along for the ride!


Anonymous said...

If anyone is hesitant about Westchester the seats there are in fact extremely comfortable the screen is wonderful, band is awesome, coffee is delicious, greeters are friendly, crowd is welcoming, sound is great, parking is abundant, 288 is accessible, 60 is in view, feel free to add any more reasons I left out. No reason I can think of not to try it if you haven't already.

just a girl said...

Happy to see 9:30 service back again!!! That 30 mins makes a big difference on Sunday morning!