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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, September 27, 2010

I hate being sick!

I could feel it coming on yesterday...a sore throat and the 'crud' that others in my family had been getting over. When I got up this morning, it was the full blown CRUD! I keep telling Susan that I'm sicker than she was :-) Makes me feel better.

The worst thing about this (I think it's strep) is that it just sucks the energy out of you. I worked about 1/2 a day, but mostly just laid here (I'm writing this from my bed), thinking of all the things I needed to do. I'd stand up, feel dizzy, lay back down and try again later. The Dr. said my throat looked...well...let me just summarize and say 'bad'. Got some heavy antibiotics and hope to feel better tomorrow.

I was scheduled to speak at a gathering of local leaders and absolutely hated to cancel. It was just speaking at a breakout session, and there were lots to choose from, but I take these things very seriously and felt horrible about it. Still, I wasn't sure I had the energy to walk to the car, much less stand for 2 hours.

Susan is taking good care of me, though I secretly wonder if she thinks I'm a big baby.

If only she really knew...I'm a LOT sicker than she was. :-)


Lindsay said...

I'm sorry you feel bad. :( Glad you took a break today. Hope you will do the same tomorrow. Get better and let us know if you need anything (donuts?). :)

Brenda Green said...

Oh, for sure she KNOWS your a big baby so no debate...but she loves you despite your Feel better soon.. for your sake and hers! :)

jf said...

I find that moaning a lot can be helpful to really drive home how much sicker you are than she's ever been. You might also keep mentioning how glad you are that she doesn't have it because it would kill her.