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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Friday, March 12, 2010


We have a Certificate of Occupancy! This means that we will be meeting in our new facility this coming Sunday! It is sure to be an incredible day. There is a ton of excitement and people have come out in droves to help us get ready. I have critically important information to share here, so please keep reading:

1) We expect a huge crowd on Sunday. If we could get 100 cars parked off-site, it would ensure that we have a space on-site for all of our guests. If PCC is your church, please park at Powhatan Middle School. We will have 2 shuttles running people back and forth continuously. You won't have to wait and you won't be stranded. It's only 1.5 miles, so the shuttles will be around every 5 minutes. We're not going to have to do this long term, but for the first couple of Sundays, it's going to be critical. You can come to the building first and drop off your family if you need to. If you don't want to do this or have a special need, it's ok. We have 250 spaces on site. But we need a bunch of folks to be willing to park at the Middle School.

2) While the county signed off saying our facility is safe and meets minimum building requirements, that does not mean that it's 'ready'. There are tons of things to do in the next 36 hours. It is likely that people will be at the facility all night tonight, and possibly tomorrow night. If you can help clean, lay tile, paint, etc., please come. Someone will be here continuously at least until late Saturday.

3) Don't forget to set your clock ahead an hour Saturday night.

4) We really need folks to help on Sunday morning. As many PCC folks as possible are needed from 8:30am until the end of the second service. Just show up and we'll get you in a spot. We need parking folks, guest services people and greeters, people to clean up after some mud and dirt gets tracked in, folks to check on the bathrooms and make sure they're clean, etc, etc, etc. If you are willing to help, email or

5) We still need drivers for the shuttle. If you can help pull a shift between 7am and 12:30 and you are at least 25 years old, please contact or 380-5405.

6) Please come with a smile and a grateful heart. We have a certificate of occupancy, but the building is still a work in progress. There are some rooms without tile (we own it all, we just haven't had time to get it all down); we don't have all the ceiling tile; the parking lot partially paved, partially gravel; the portico isn't up yet.... God has blessed us with a GREAT building. Every week, we'll get a little more of it completed. Come Sunday and be thankful for what we have!

God has been good to PCC! I am looking forward to an incredible day on Sunday!

Thanks to all who have done so much to make it happen.


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