Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, December 7, 2009

Need some help

I am hoping that two to four folks will step forward and help. We need STAGEHANDS for our IMAGINE CHRISTMAS production, which we do on Dec 24 at 5 & 7:30. We need people to work backstage, help move sets, get actors and singers ready, etc. It is a crucial job and we don't have enough people doing it.

We need you to be able to come to the rehearsal and the dress rehearsal and be there for both services on 12/24.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I can’t overstate the Kingdom impact you will make through this sacrifice. People will come to know Jesus Christ because of it. Please help if you can.

All you need to do is email me or Jamie Dingus at and we’ll get you any info you request or get you signed up and good to go.

Please help us if you possibly can.