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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, July 29, 2013

An update on me...and PCC, thanks for asking...

My title is admittedly tongue in cheek, but I really have enjoyed getting many expressions of care for me via texts, calls, emails, Facebook, cards and an incredible, non-ending stream of fantastic food, delivered to our door every night.  Food enough to feed an army, with all the variety of a long-established restaurant with a thick and varied menu.

No doubt about it, my friends and family and our incredible church family have all gone way above the call of duty to take good care of me.  My injury - painful and long recovery as it is, is pretty low-key, as medical situations go.  I can't imagine what would happen if I had had a heart attack or something life threatening.  You guys are just WAY too good to me.  And for all the good food, the best part of all is that you have gone out of your way to tell me one thing that really matters to me:  You care.

Thank you for caring for me and for praying for me.  I heard a story tonight about a little girl in our church.  She's 11 years old and prays with her family every night before she goes to bed.  They each pray - Mom, Dad, and this little girl.  Her dad told me that she insists on praying for me every single night, without fail.  I asked him to assure her that I was grateful.  I know of two other kids who insist every night on praying for me.  I know others are praying too, and I just can't tell you how that warms my heart.

The short update of my tale is that I'm currently approaching 14 days past the surgery date.  The nerve pain is completely gone.  There is occasional pain in my neck, but it's rare and it's minor when it happens.  The biggest problem now is this monstrosity of a collar that I have to wear 24/7 -  except when I'm in the shower, of course.  But it gets old, it's uncomfortable, and it makes me a little self-conscious wearing it.

In the scheme of things, what's the big deal?  I have a condition that will be totally cured and in another 4 weeks or so, my collar will be memorabilia or possibly target practice for Joshua's new pellet gun hobby.  So, I try to temper my griping.

AS FOR PCC, here's some info you may want to know.  Normally, every summer I am gone for 6 straight weeks (last year was unusual).  During these 6 weeks, I take 4 weeks for study break, where I can do some praying, studying and planning for our church from 10,0000 feet.   That is to say, I step back and get the big picture perspective and see what I don't normally see while in my normal work.  My condition and recovery came just as I was about to begin my break, and Angie and Sammy were already lined up to be the teaching pastors, plus one guest, for the six week period.

But this year, my two weeks of intense pain, surgery and recovery wreaked havoc with my plans.  I had to bail on my mission trip to Belize, ditch a week of vacation and spend most of my time reclined in a chair, with narcotics and Valium practically on an IV.  Not much studying has happened, though I have managed to get some work done.

But my time off - unexpectedly different as it was, is coming to an end, as my recovery is entering into era where my pain is reducing and my pent-up desire to DO SOMETHING is increasing.  This week, I am claiming back my study break, and intend to work 50-60 hours - all of it for the purpose of critical planning, learning, and hearing clearly the voice of God for where he wants PCC to focus.  I'll do this for the next two weeks.

Then, because of the generosity of a good friend, we will redeem our family vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We will return home in time to attend the MAJOR RIVERSIDE event on August 17 - hope you can be there!

I will return to my regular duties at PCC on Sunday, August 18, and will be the teaching pastor that day.

This coming week, August 4, Angie Frame will give you another dynamic and applicable message and on August 11, my good friend, Mike Abbamonte from Atlee Community Church will be our guest speaking pastor.  You'll enjoy and benefit from both of these great speakers and teachers.

Help keep our church strong this summer by coming to church, participating and serving where you can, and by giving regularly.  We ARE making a massive difference in peoples lives - stories I hear almost every day.  I'll share a few with you soon.

Thanks for continuing to pray for me!


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