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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HELP! You can make a difference this Easter...

You probably already know this, but just to say it anyway...


...for a church, that is.

We have prepared to pull out all the stops and have the best Easter services ever at PCC.  Seriously, it's going to be incredible!

We're also preparing to have the biggest crowd we've ever seen in a single day at our church.  There's a decent chance that more than two thousand people will come to one of our four physical services, plus we're hoping for a record attendance online.  Here's the service matrix:  Powhatan Campus - 8, 9:30 and 11:15am; Westchester Campus - 10:30am in the BIG theater; Online Campus live broadcast at 11:15.

If you are part of PCC, we need your help!  We will have LOTS of guests on Easter Sunday. Here's how you can help make the experience great:

1) Pray for our church and for the people who will come!  Praying will help prepare you and just possibly will open someone's heart up to the life changing message they will hear that day.  Pray for the  people who will come and for all of the people involved in helping make our services happen.  If you know someone specifically, pray for them by name.

2) Leave the aisle seats!  Why?  People who don't regularly come to church are often a little intimidated by church.  They're anxious and nervous about what to expect.  Believe it or not, giving them an aisle seat makes them feel more comfortable, because it allows them to feel like they can bolt if we bring out the snakes!  (In case you are reading this and don't come to PCC, that's a joke.  We don't do that!)  First time guests want to know they can make a quick getaway if things get weird.  Let's give them the aisle seats.

3) Give guests the premium parking spots.  Every Sunday, I park in the farthest spot away, so that someone else can have the best spots.  At our Westchester Campus, this might mean simply leaving the very front spots for them, since there is a big parking lot.  But regardless of the campus you attend, think about rolling out the red carpet for our guests even before they get out of the car.

4) INVITE someone to church!!  Most folks who don't regularly go to church are very open to coming on Easter.  They're waiting for an invitation, so give them one!  And don't just invite them, but give them someone to sit with by inviting them to come with you!

5) Serve somewhere.  We need all hands on deck, and if you can serve, it would make a real difference.  We need folks in children, guest services, shuttle drivers, parking cars, etc.  Contact your team leader, campus pastor or just let me know and I'll get you to the right place.

6) Take the shuttle at the Powhatan Campus.  Especially for the hundreds of people who are serving this week, if you are serving at the Powhatan Campus, it would be very, very helpful if you would consider taking the Shuttle from the middle school.  I'll be riding the shuttle just like everyone else.  Please consider this, because parking is going to be crazy! (Isn't this a GREAT thing!?)

7) If you are a part of the Powhatan Campus, consider the 8am service.  Yeah, I know it's early, but freeing up some seats at our other two Powhatan services will help ensure we don't run out - especially at 11:15.

Easter 2013 will be a phenomenal day at PCC!  Thanks for doing all you can to make it great!

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