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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, October 15, 2012

Help Me Help You

One of the great and wonderful challenges for every lead teaching pastor is the decision about which subjects and topics and scriptures to teach at the weekend services.  Most folks never think about this. But from the pastor's point of view, there is a very, very finite amount of time we get.  There are 52 weekends.  Some of them are already taken with 'given' topics.  You kind of already know what you're going to be talking about near the 25th of December!

Some will say, "Just Preach the Bible!!!"  OK.  Great.  I love the Bible.  But that's frankly spoken like someone who doesn't do what I do.  Each week, each series, each Sunday - I long to hear from God and help connect spiritual truth with spiritual seekers.  We all wrestle with issues that God cares about - family, marriage, work, finances, sickness, death, mourning, depression, discouragement, wealth, friendships, dating, sex, balance, parenting, just to name a few!

From the other perspective, we can start not from our life, but from the pages of the Bible.  I was reading in Exodus recently and found myself frustrated that God provided us with so many details about the measurements and makeup of the ark and the tabernacle.  I know why Moses needed to know that stuff...why do I need to know!!??

And it can be challenging to understand everything we read:
  • Where did Cain get his wife?
  • Why did God seem so mean in the Old Testament?
  • Was Jonah really swallowed by a fish?  Come on!
  • What is this thing about speaking in tongues?
So, we read the Bible and, if we're paying attention, it will prompt some questions.  This is part of the journey, and it is part of how God speaks to us.

Now, back to the planning.  I am away for 3 days this week to plan.  I'm looking around, trying to figure out and discern what are the topics and scriptures we should be talking about in the coming months.

So, help me help you.  What are the things people are wrestling with that you feel would be helpful if the church would address?  What scriptures are more that simple trivia for people, but would help them sort out meaningful choices if they only knew what those texts meant?  What decisions are in front of folks today where they really need to hear a word from God?

If you could help me help you, PCC can be better equipped to meet people where they are.  One of our core values is to be relevant.  So, help me help you.

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Look forward to some awesome weekend experiences in the weeks ahead!


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