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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Friday, March 16, 2012

An Embarrassing Moment

I'm reading two different books on marriage right now.  Every year, I try to read at least one book about that topic, because it makes be a better husband and one of my life goals is to serve Susan to the best of my ability and be the servant-husband God has called me (and every husband) to be.  

But I'm also reading these two books in preparation for the upcoming C13 Marriage Retreat at PCC.  You can find out more by clicking here.  

So, my embarrassing moment...

I was on the treadmill at the YMCA this morning reading one of these books on my Kindle.  I get to a chapter entitled, 

"Can We _________?"

As I read, I'm keenly aware that to my right is a fellow-runner - a woman.  She seems to be pre-occupied with her own fitness and has her earbuds in, listening to something, wires dangling on each side of her face.  But I an very conscious that she might glance over, as we are prone to do from time to time, and curiously peek at what is on my Kindle screen.  So far, nothing racey, but the author, Mark Driscoll, is known to tackle very detailed subjects in this book.  I plow ahead with my reading.

I hit the 'next page' button and find this bold, bright, quite evident subheading, about 4 times bigger than the normal text on the page:


Holy Cow!  I quickly hit the 'next page' button, just trying to get it off the screen.

Oral Sex

I hit next page again, pushing the button really hard as if that would speed things up.

Sex Toys

Pushing the button harder and faster, my panic also caused me to run faster, - unusually faster - which, it seemed to me, only attracted more attention in my direction - something I was desperately trying to avoid.

Not remembering what I wore to the gym, I silently prayed, "God, please help me to NOT have a PCC shirt on right now!"

I finally found a far more benign chapter, but by then I was an emotional wreck.  As I like to say to our leaders and staff members, 'someone is always watching.'  I should have taken my own advice today!

(for the record, we're not covering these topics at our marriage retreat...but you are welcome to read the book!)


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