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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Prologue You Don't Want to Skip!

We talked about Matthew 1 today, which is a prologue to the Christmas story that very few people actually read.  It's Jesus' ancestral record, the geneaology, the family tree.  I admit it: I usually skip these things, too.  But this one is filled with important - critically important - clues about Christmas that we need.

So, today, we looked at 4 hidden stories here that point to some very important Christmas realities that affect our lives.  You should read these stories for yourself.  Make this a family event.  Ask questions of each story like:

  • Who is this person?  
  • Why are they significant?
  • What does this story mean to my life?
  • Why would Matthew include them in his genealogy? (remember, women were not usually included in  the ancestral record.)
If you missed the message today, you'll want to check it out at

We pointed out that there are 5 women mentioned here:
  • Tamar.  Genesis 38
  • Rahab. Joshua 2
  • Ruth.  Book of Ruth
  • Bathsheba. 2 Sam 11&12
  • Mary. Luke 2
Hope you enjoy spending some time with your family talking about the prologue to Christmas!

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