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by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PCC 2011 Calendar of Events, etc.

A couple of folks have asked me the same question, so I bet there are others who are wondering, too. I thought I'd answer it here. The question is, "Why didn't I know about the celebration for Jimmy and Brenda Boggs?"

Nobody is mad, they're just wondering where they missed the communication.

The event was really planned and executed by some folks at our Westchester Campus who work side-by-side with them every Sunday. The idea was that Jimmy and Brenda have gone so far above and beyond, with such incredible attitudes, that folks just wanted to thank them.

And they wanted it to be a surprise! That's where the communication became a challenge. We couldn't broadcast it because it would ruin the surprise. Only a small group of folks knew about it. I couldn't even tell the Steering Team, since Brenda serves there. It wasn't that there was any attempt to make the event exclusive, simply that our opportunity to tell people was limited.

Now onto calendaring and events and more communication...

We are preparing a 2011 PCC Master Calendar now. If you have events or lead things or do things that you feel should be on this calendar, please send those to Lori Wheeler at We've never planned this far out before and I think it will help a lot with communications. We'll let everyone know how to find out about the churchwide 2011 events sometime in the 4th quarter of this year.

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