Thoughts on life, leadership and the movement called the church by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

by Brian C. Hughes, Senior Pastor

Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Week

Last week was a full and eventful week, and included some fantastic moments, and some difficult ones. I meant to do this recap yesterday, but I didn't really get home until late and chose instead to spend some time with my kids. So, here are some highlights:

  • I got to spend 3 days being doted over as one of the pastors invited to an exclusive leadership training and networking experience. About 15 Senior Pastors of innovative Virginia churches were there, and most of our spouses were with us. The unique combination of 1) being treated with such honor, 2) sharing ideas with cutting edge pastors who understand what we're trying to do, and 3) hearing from some of Virginia's most successful businessmen and leaders created a 'reaction' of sorts that was almost palpable. We didn't just form ideas, we actually started acting on them. It was invigorating.
  • I came home on Wednesday and we had our first small group meeting that night. I was a little nervous, as I had been with the same small group for 4 years. They were meeting for the first time 'on their own' and I was meeting with a brand new group, most of whom didn't know each other. But God did amazing things in both groups, and I can already see some of the fruit from His work in all of our lives. I'm so proud of Jim and Lisa for their courageous work and willingness to be used. And I'm proud of that group for holding together and even for going to the next level last week, taking the notion of authentic community beyond where I had led them.
  • A good friend, Barry, got some really difficult news about his health. It was great to see him in church on Sunday. My heart is heavy for him and his family. God is good all the time, but some situations are hard to handle in the moment.
  • A friend of our church, Charlie Green, a sitting member of the Powhatan Board of Supervisors, passed away. It was a difficult time for our community, and our hearts are especially heavy for his family.
  • Our church really stepped up in an amazing way to make room for Charlie's funeral at the High School. We had to be out of the building by 12:15. Our leaders prepared for it so well, and we made adjustments in the second service to end it early. The trailer pulled away at ten minutes past noon. It was hard to believe, and it is a testimony to how hard so many of our folks work, and how much they believe in what we do. PCC was a huge blessing to the school and to the administration, as we provided equipment and personnel to run the technical aspects of the funeral. It was mostly unseen, but a few of us knew how hard some of our folks worked. John, to you especially, thank you for your tireless dedication.
This coming week will also be filled with important things, including what appears to be the conclusion of our dispute with our builder. I'll have more details as it happens. Please continue to pray about this on behalf of our church.

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